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Hi, I'm opening pre-order for the following:

1. Hey! Say! JUMP Fab! Live Speaks (PO Deadline: 29 April 2021)
2. Johnny's WEST Live Tour 2021 Rainbow
3. Sexy Zone Anniversary Tour 2021 SZ10TH
4. KAT-TUN 15th Anniversary Live
5 NEWS Live Tour 2020 Story
6. Travis Japan Live Tour 2021 Image Nation
7. SixTONES - On eST
8. Johnny's Shop Photo

Pre-order Deadline: 14 April 2021
For buyers without Carousell account can contact me via LiveJournal DM

WTS Snow Man 2D2D Asia Tour Blu Ray

Hello guys! I accidentally bought an extra copy of Snow Man's Asia tour DVD (in Blu-Ray version)

Since I have the DVD version already, I'm looking to sell the Blu Ray at the original price I have gotten + shipping fees from JP to me + shipping from me to you (for international buyers)

Shipping will be from Singapore and I accept paynow/paypal.

Do DM me here or at my twitter @Tama_Taipi

HSJ Summer Sale

Top row: 4€

Middle and bottom row: 5€

Get them all for 35€ instead of 37€ ♥

Worldwide shipping from Germany. Payment via PayPal.

Feel free to leave a comment or send a message if you're interested! :D